Family is supposed to be an unbreakable bond – however, there is no shame in distancing yourself from certain family members, even if that means cutting them off out of your life for good.
Keep this mantra in your mind, “I can not control all the things people say and do to me, but I can decide not to be reduced by them”
Compromising your mental, emotional or physical health for the sake of tolerating a toxic family member, is not worth the consequences that come from it afterwards. SO before you decide to block your annoying relative from your life.
First establish if they are a toxic person or not.

1. They will be judgmental.
Constructive criticism is healthy, but persistent, unwarranted criticism can deteriorate anyone’s self-esteem.

2. They feed off drama.
Have you told a family member a personal moment and was just needing them to hear you vent and some personal advice? But, somehow everyone in your family knows everything about what happened and are calling you to also give there five cents worth of advice.
3. They gaslight you.
They deny claims of ever have said something, when you and everyone else know they did, it might not seem that serious. However, this is a form of gaslighting, and can lead to the gaslighting becoming more volatile.

4. They only talk to you when they need something from you.
They dismiss your needs or hold your personal information against you, but will take offense if you are not there for them and there needs.
mental abuse
5. They flip-flop between positive and negative reinforcement.
If you ignore there mean ways they will coax you back by being nice and support so that you will let your guard down. This is normally short lived until there need to manipulate you for there own gain. This constant abuse will put your mental health in jeopardy.
Toxic relationships, even with family members, is draining and emotionally exhausting, which will impact your overall mental well-being.

Distancing yourself to a certain degree from the toxic family member can help, but if the gaslighting is survere than the best solution is to remove the toxic individual from your life completely. This won’t be easy and can be complicated in the case of close family member, such as with a parent makes for a more tricky situation. To live a happy and liberated life, this course of action is usually the best.