Almost all of us, including myself, have experienced one form of Gaslighting or another throughout our life. The good news is that knowledge and awareness is the first step to healing your life and rebuilding the strong, perceptive person you are … and you have already taken it!
While it is true that in some situations we genuinely might be overreacting, or exhibiting irrational behavior, it is also important for you to listen to your instinct.

Answer these questions:

Do you have a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach?
Do you feel weighed down and oppressed?
Do you feel depressed?
These are signs that you are unconsciously picking up on their deception. While we can consciously be fooled, unconsciously we can’t, and often we will have a lingering feeling that “something just isn’t right.” Listen to this feeling and seek help, either professionally or socially.
Just like you need to answer the question you also need to take steps to help yourself and prevent or avoid future incidents
Clarify to yourself how, when and who is gaslighting you.
Think about the ways they make you feel unhinged and like you’re losing it.
Write down whatever you can think of.
Confirm that you’re being gaslighted before you can move on with your life.
Pay attention to the signs of being gaslighted.
Feeling confused, belittled, “crazy” or manipulated.
Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and center yourself.
Set aside regular time for grounding each day through meditation.
Use techniques that will help you stay objective during the difficult time.
Decide whether it’s worth continuing your friendship or relationship with the person who is mentally abusing you.
If it’s a working relationship, think about whether it’s worth staying in your job or not.
If you want to stay, use ways to minimize interaction with the gaslighter until you feel grounded and confident.
Talk to trusted friends or loved ones about your problem, or seek help from a mentor or therapist.
Shift your perspective from being a victim to being a warrior/winner or whatever word feels the most empowering.
Don’t remain a victim for the rest of your life, reclaim your personal power.

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