Justin Bieber
Bieber’s YouTube cover songs caught the eye of a talent manager in 2009, before he knew it Justin had a record deal and Usher as his mentor. Becoming a pop music sensation. The fame started going to his head before his 18th birthday.
Bieber‘s mom told Vanity Fair in 2011 that she believed her son was a literal gift from God. Which only lead Bieber comparing himself to The Beatles, Tupac, and Michael Jackson in the same interview. This was the beginning of Bieber’s slow transformed from squeaky clean pop star to bad boy wannabe. Adding to his bad boy persona he allegedly egged a neighbour’s house with his buddies, two weeks later, he was arrested for drag racing while allegedly drunk.
His life also includes drugs, racist jokes, public urination, and lots of assault. Not to mention, storming off stage and leaving fans hanging when his in a bad mood.


Taylor Swift
Rising up through the country music ranks while transitioning to pop stardom, Taylor Swift‘s initial fame was free of controversy.
Igniting a Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj by injecting herself into Minaj’s criticism of 2015 VMAs, was the first evidence of Swift’s ego getting the better of her. Adding to her tarnished rep she came into the tabloids again with her summer fling with Tom Hiddleston at her 4th of July party in 2016.
Soon after she tried to play the innocent victim when Kanye West’s song Famous debuted, only for Kim Kardashian to burst that bubble by showing recordings on Snap Chat that show Swift mainly approving of the lyrics. Having realized her limits of her fame she has been laying low.


Megan Fox
Megan Fox quickly became a hot actress after appearing in the movie Transformers, which quickly went to her head leading to her getting fired from the franchise, when she referred to the director Michael Bay as Hitler. Leading to her career being stalled for some years.
Fox eventually patched things up with Michael Bay, which got her cast in the Teenage Mutant Turtles movie. She may have behaved during the shooting of the movie, but landed in hot water when she was rude during a press conference about the movie.


Reese Wetherspoon
Wetherspoon tried to use her fame to get out of trouble with the police when he husband Jim Toth was pulled over for drunk driving in Atlanta. Wetherspoon argued with the officer while also being drunk, and got herself charged with disorderly conduct. The whole incident was caught on the dashcam. She did make a public apology for the incident and has owned it ever since.


Shia LaBeouf
Shia was not far behind Megan Fox in the Transformers franchise by getting fired from the franchise after the third movie. Unlike Megan he didn’t make up with Michael. He trashed Transformers and said the money earned, had given him the opportunity to work on independent movies. However, when he was proving himself he was caught plagiarizing a Daniel Clowes graphic novel for a short film. He even spoke his way out of it, after owning up to it.

Extremely Diva

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey defines diva, acting every bit the part. Carey has the bad reputation for always being late to performances and appointments. The Diva antics cost her a movie part in Will Ferrell’s movie The House (2017). Ferrell’s co-star even commented that Carey was unprofessional and borderline abusive to the director in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.
Kanye West
If anything, he would be the male version of Mariah Carey with an ego that knows no bounds. With twitter rants and even not being afraid to ask Mark Zuckerberg for money. His attitude has cost him his close friendship in Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé.