This may have happened in August 2009, but the story is still doing its rounds on the internet and still gets the gasps and the giggles going. Not to mention the men covering there precious jewels to make sure they are still fine.

Tracey Hood-Davis discovered he husband was having an affair, not just one affair but multiple affairs with up to five women. Seeing red she decided to exact her revenge on her husband Donessa Davis.


Tracey had contacted three of the woman Donessa was having an affair with and after telling them that he was only using them for sex and money, they choose to join Tracey in exacting their revenge on him.

Therese Ziemann, 47 lured Donessa to a motel in Chilton, Wisconsin with a false promise of a massage. Donessa voluntarily went to the motel and allowed himself to be tied up to the bed and blindfolded.


None the wiser Donessa lay on the bed waiting in anticipation when Theresa opened the motel door for two other women. Wendy Sewell, 44 and Michelle Belliveau, 43. Taking off his blindfold. The woman proceeded to cut off his underpants and squirted superglue all over his private parts. One of the woman bombarded Donessa with questions like which of the woman he loved more, who did he want to grow old with before slapping and punching him in the face and taunting him.

Mr Davis started screaming when the woman fled with his mobile phone, wallet and car. He then proceeded to tell the police that Therese had a gun and pointed to his head and threatened to shoot his penis, but was prevented to do so but the others.


Donessa’s wife wasn’t present through the whole incident but with further investigation by the police they learnt that Mrs Tracy Hood-Davis had contacted the woman Donessa was sleeping with and had instigated the revenge plot against him. Police are in the process of searching for Mrs Hood-Davis who has since disappeared after the assault on her husband. Donessa is recovering at the hospital after his assault.

All of the women have been charged with false imprisonment and Therese has a charge of sexual assault and battery added to her charge.During the court case, Judge Donald Poppy acknowledged a possible double-standard with the sentencing. If the situation had been reversed and the act was towards a unwilling woman, then the man would without a doubt face jail time. But in this case Davis unfaithful ways started the ball rolling for this to happen and in part is to blame for the outcome. All the ladies pleaded no contest and each of them reached separate plea deals. Each of them were sentenced to a year’s probation and community service.

Mr Davis even told waiting reporters that his was just as much at fault as the ladies and that he has no hard feelings towards them.