AS should be obvious to anyone who can look at a movie poster, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart take centre stage in this action comedy. Kevin plays Calvin Joyner, a mild-mannered accountant whose position in life is a far cry from what it was in his high school days. Once a popular student who was voted ‘most likely to succeed’ by his peers, Calvin has become extremely dissatisfied with his thankless work.

Dwayne plays Robbie Wheirdicht, a man whose current station is an even further cry from that of his own time in secondary education. Now a towering giant of a man with the ripped body of a Greek god and a position in the CIA, Robbie was actually an overweight kid in school – the same school Calvin went to – who was bullied mercilessly.

With a 20-year high school reunion on the horizon, and based upon an act of kindness that Calvin did for Robbie back in school, the latter gets in touch with former in the hope that together the two might uncover the truth behind a plot involving the nefarious sale of satellite codes to an individual known as the ‘Black Badger’. A rip-roaring fun-filled adventure in espionage ensues.

The long and the short of it is that the film is great entertainment. Obviously, considering it’s an action comedy, it’s not going to appeal to those whose tastes lean more towards the Nouveau side of cinema; but Kevin and Dwayne make a great comedy duo, and while Dwayne’s effort at humour may come across as too forced, with his routine not being a screaming success, his performance certainly wasn’t without merit either. The plot itself is guaranteed to keep you guessing, with more bends and turns than a game of Twister, but ultimately, it was Kevin’s faultless sense of the comedic that came out full-throttle and made the movie thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely something for you and the family to see on movie night.