Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), a ruthless business woman, is jailed for insider trading. She serves her time but upon release, finding herself with nowhere to go, she heads straight to her overworked ex-personal

assistant, Claire (Kristen Bell). During her time there, Michelle finds herself taking Claire’s daughter to a sort of Girl Scout meeting – during which she comes up with her next big business venture to get back on top.


This is a Melissa McCarthy film and so naturally it’s a little rough; there’s a lot of swearing, and even a scene featuring kids practically beating the living daylights out of one another – in other words, this ain’t one for the whole family (which should have been evident from the beginning, since it’s rated 16!).

Sadly, though, and despite Melissa’s being the talented actress that she is, the film lacks a bit of substance, and as such the profanity and boorish humour has nothing to keep afloat on, and really just comes across as gratuitous and ‘shock for shock’s sake’. The plot is thin and unrealistic in a way that those of McCarthy’s other films like The Heat and Spy somehow managed to avoid. That’s not to say it’s completely lacking in entertainment value. If you’re just looking for cheap laughs to wear away the edges of a particularly rough day, this will hit the spot. Just don’t go in expecting another Bridesmaids.