The Portokalos family are back for another Big Fat Greek Wedding, but this time they find out a family secret that needs to be set right. With the family pulling together to make the day perfect, Toula and Ian are dealing with their own rebellious teenage daughter who is set to start college. Amidst their interfering family, they realise their marriage also needs some major TLC time.


Laughing so much through the first movie, our hopes for the second weren’t high. Pulling off a sequel well is not always possible. But they brought they’re A game and if we wanted a good laugh for an hour and a half, we got it with this movie. While watching the movie we wanted to predict what happens but they threw in quite a few curve balls. The characters are still as funny as they were from the first movie, just a bit older, wiser and even more Greek, if that’s possible! This is definitely one of those movies where the DVD will land on our shelves to watch more than once.