Back in April 4, 1976, Steve Morris and his close friend at the time Joe Whitehead were having a few drinks in a bar after returning from a cross-country road trip. On that night they decided to split a dollar bill and make a pact that they would meet up in 40 years on the same date in 2016.

As often is the case, they drifted apart and lived their separate lives, losing touch with each other.  The day in question came nearer and Steve wondered if his friend Joe had remembered the pact they made, and if he still had the other half of the dollar bill. Then out of the blue Steve got a call and it was Joe, wondering if they were going to still meet up and if he was going to get his half dollar back!

They caught up on their lives and split another dollar bill, but this time they made the pact to meet up again in a year’s time, as they both agreed that neither one of them are getting any younger!