SOME actors, like Morgan Freeman, can disappear into a variety of roles. Others aren’t so lucky; they become defined by that role. Some would see this as a glass half full and others would define it as a glass half empty of their acting ability never reaching its true full potential. Having a loyal fan base for life is the half full way of looking at it. It also doesn’t hurt if you managed to have mega money deal that went with it, after all who would complain about the millions in your bank account, even if the character you will only ever be remember for is past its prime date of reality.

Here are some actors whose cult classics are what they are remembered for.


If you were a 90’s kid, you all knew who MacGyver was and wanted to be like him, even down to constructing gizmos out of your mother’s kitchen utensils to get the chore you were given done faster. His mullet hairstyle, jeans and t-shirt, and not forgetting never leaving home without some duct tape. Making MacGyver a iconic character that still gets referenced today, when you trying to pull a MacGyver to sort out a problem or don’t pull a JD on me his trusted friend Jack Dalton, always lying to get him to help him. So when he starred in StarGate and all there spinoffs, die hard Richard Dean Anderson fans where happy but the last minute saves never appeared in those shows quite the same way as we loved them in MacGyver.


The word Baywatch brings up two names which always has Baywatch  referenced in practically every article written about them, leaving  many people only knowing them for Baywatch, unless you are a supersonic David Hasselhoff fan, then you will have every one of his music CDs.

When asking around what they think off when they hear the name David Hasselhoff majority of them said Baywatch even though he was in an equally good cult classic, Knight Rider. But Kit is more remember than David, the adage boys and there toys comes to mind.

Now the boys who watched Baywatch where only watching for Pamela Anderson and the other hot female actresses. Pamela Anderson shot to fame with this role and the jogging that got slowed down purposely to add more time to an already short episode didn’t hurt. This led to her lead role in the TV series V.I.P as Valery Irons, which managed an 88 Episode run, and she has since always gotten the typical typecast part of sexy bombshell with the occasional smarts to go with it.



JASON BIGGS – American Pie

That unfortunate scene that has Jason banging a pie with his dad walking in on him, will be the one image many of us will have come to mind when the name Jason Biggs gets called out. It didn’t matter that the RomCom became a cultural phenomenon which led to 3 direct sequels and other spin offs getting made from it. The original movie and 2 sequels producing a gross of $989.5 Million worldwide. Nope that didn’t matter cause the kitchen a pie and a father is all we will ever remember.

Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol. 2

If you have seen the famous Pulp Fiction you would remember her bad looking performance as a mobster’s girlfriend that dances with John Travolta, but if you haven’t then the only other Quentin Tarantino film you would most associate her name with is Kill Bill and that bright yellow jumpsuit.

Quentin wrote the part specifically for Uma, knowing that she would be the most effective person to pull off what he was looking to achieve when filming the movie.

Fun Fact: To date Quentin has only cast Samuel L Jackson in 6 of the 13 movies he has made to date so far. Including both movies which Uma acted in, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.


Just the name Sacha Baron Cohen makes you think of the hideous green mankini, he made famous with the Borat movie, his previous successes mean very little to people who only associate him with Borat. So when he wanted to back off of the character and pull of some more of his incognito street comedy, it became no longer plausible. With every new project he tries to pull off he can’t shake the Borat success, even if people truly only went to see it, out of curiosity